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Sucker for cuteness

You know the writing for your otome game is going well when you start wanting to hug your own characters... Eh-heh.

I have been sick all week, and can't spend much time looking at screens without a headache, but find using my DS Lite is just fine. So I played English-patched versions of Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side and Tokimeki Memorial: Girls Side 2. For research purposes :P Man, they've stumbled on a setup that will basically make them money for many years to come. They pretty much just swapped out the character graphics and dialogue of the first game with that of the second, retaining all the same gameplay and mostly the same interface. And it works.

Tempted to buy the Japanese versions because I'm reinforcing a lot of the spoken language playing these, even though I get to cheat with the translated text. The patch can't successfully replace all kanji though, so I've definitely been reinforcing the kanji for 'left' and 'right' a whole lot in the chocolate making mini game...

I get excited about little details too, like discovering that the Japanese use the loan word for 'mitochondria' but they have their own word for 'chloroplast'. Makes sense given mitochondria were discovered more recently than the latter.

Although this game makes me wish I had fancy art skills, as I want fanart of my favourite star-gazing megane. I'm going to channel some of his adorkable vibe for one of my characters, mwahahahahahah!

High school settings are so annoying, though. I mean, great structure for a game, but MEH. Going to high school once was enough for me. Definitely prefer games that cover other aspects of life. Or other universes. I want my escapism to be as escape-y as possible! If I'm going to relive high school, it should be on a space station run by humans cut off from Earth temporarily who have to negotiate regularly with the local aliens to keep their supplies of raw minerals going. Hmmm, maybe that should be my next setting.

I'm definitely more a visual novel person than a sim person. If I'm going to play through multiple scenarios, I want very different stories, not the same stat-grinding interspersed with occasional CG to differentiate the experience.

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This morning I left the house in traditional manga schoolchild style: with a piece of plain toast hanging out of my mouth that would become my rushed breakfast.

I was, however, careful not to run with said toast in mouth. Because everyone knows if you do that, then you'll tear around the corner and bump into some stranger, making your schoolbooks go everywhere. You'll hurriedly scoop everything up before bowing quickly - "Sorry!" - and rushing onwards.

Then you burst into class, just on time, to find a seat at the back before your eccentric and rather suspicious teacher (that or an oblivious and perpetually excitable teacher) begins the class.

Then, to your COMPLETE SURPRISE, a new kid enters the class and is introduced by the teacher. GASP! It's that person you bumped into before! And it turns out they're from the future/past/dimensionX and they're here to awaken your super powers/challenge you for the right to rule the universe/tease you recklessly even though they're secretly in love with you all along.

Then you'll discover your memories are all false and you're really the long-lost descendant of a noble/magical/alien people with abilities to change the world - and your whole school is going to be the stage for your utterly hilarious and heart warming coming of age story. You'll overcome horrific and challenging obstacles and face amazing odds, but in the end you'll succeed and finally achieve the ultimate spirit bomb/merging of two universes/saving your world from destruction.

...Excuse me, I have to go find some toast and sprinting shoes.

I can hear sleighbells

There is definitely no Christmas-ing happening in my general vicinity at present (although I noticed the shops have put tinsel up already) so I'm going to chalk that one up to some sort of odd late night auditory hallucination. Or maybe this house was built on an ancient reindeer burial ground.

Date with an intergalactic murder machine

I... really need to share this crazy Mass Effect dream I had this morning while avoiding getting out of bed to go to work.

This comes out pretty much like fanfic. As it was my dream, it's Mary-Sue, but - I'd like to know what other people make of it.

Will only make sense if you have finished Mass Effect 2 or higherCollapse )

...And then I woke up!

NPC day

Ever feel like someone cut your animation sequences and you only have five alternating lines of dialogue?
So I finished Mass Effect 3 on Saturday morning. My thoughts on the game in the LJ-cut below. 

Bioware says "just wait until you see what we have in store DLC-wise!" I... hope they mean it. I'm sad it's all over (even though I still have my second Shepard run-through remaining).

Naturally, pretty much everything I say in the LJ cut contains massive spoilers for the entire series.
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Stars, countless in number!

I am wearing a shirt with a sepia-tone picture of the galaxy on it.

Which is all well and good, except that every time I look down, I think I'm wearing a shirt covered in crumbs.
If you were speed-dating and wanted to choose a song to represent yourself to your potential future date, what track would you choose?

I would use this song :D

Although possibly that would be my outro, and one of the many versions of this track would be my intro!

That second track has quite an interesting background, which you can read here on Wikipedia. I'm certain I first heard it in one of its Looney Tunes incarnations.

I also love that I was able to successfully Google that second track within two searches. The successful  keywords were "assembly line music". I'd never known what the track was called until today.
For someone who is apparently saving their money to fund their future writing hermitage, I seem to be making a lot of purchases this week.

In my defense, this was only about $6 including postage (and I have been wanting a FemShep poster since 320 B.C. Exactly that long ago.)

That's suspiciously cheap. I wonder if this is unlicensed merchandise? Or maybe it's just cheap because I'm skipping the middle man. Was this an ethical purchase? I guess at least I know it hasn't been tested on animals :P Although I imagine the first thing the cat will do when it arrives is fall asleep on it...

ME3 posterCollapse )

Boo to those who say FemShep should have got more lady-specific options (other than who you can romance). I've enjoyed having Sherpderp's Shepard's gender making zero difference to gameplay, even animation styles. I'm glad Sherpard's dance moves are just as terrible for either gender, not "goofy dance for dudes, SEXAY DANCE for ladeez".

Also, while I liked the old canon version of FemShep, I LOVE the new freckles. For someone who hastily slaps on sunscreen as soon as she opens the blinds (hey, we do have extreme UV warnings here in Aus for nearly 8 hours a day) I just adore freckles. Which is good, seeing my face is made mostly from freckles (despite the sunscreen efforts... my face would be a leather bag if it weren't for the sunscreen...).

See also: The Many Faces of FemShep


Ride on shooting star


Millions of years after the original release of FLCL, a certain character (and a certain black kitten) are now available for pre-order at J-List. 

FLCL is one of my favourite anime series of all time. Mix surrealism, robots and space together and you have sufficiently grabbed my attention. That said, the last time I watched the show was about ten years ago. But the surreal madness has stayed with me. And Canti/Takkun were my favourite characters.

There was a time on LJ (for several years) when all I used were icons I created from FLCL... all 40 of them. 

So this is how I looked when I saw the figure...Collapse )