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For someone who is apparently saving their money to fund their future writing hermitage, I seem to be making a lot of purchases this week.

In my defense, this was only about $6 including postage (and I have been wanting a FemShep poster since 320 B.C. Exactly that long ago.)

That's suspiciously cheap. I wonder if this is unlicensed merchandise? Or maybe it's just cheap because I'm skipping the middle man. Was this an ethical purchase? I guess at least I know it hasn't been tested on animals :P Although I imagine the first thing the cat will do when it arrives is fall asleep on it...


Boo to those who say FemShep should have got more lady-specific options (other than who you can romance). I've enjoyed having Sherpderp's Shepard's gender making zero difference to gameplay, even animation styles. I'm glad Sherpard's dance moves are just as terrible for either gender, not "goofy dance for dudes, SEXAY DANCE for ladeez".

Also, while I liked the old canon version of FemShep, I LOVE the new freckles. For someone who hastily slaps on sunscreen as soon as she opens the blinds (hey, we do have extreme UV warnings here in Aus for nearly 8 hours a day) I just adore freckles. Which is good, seeing my face is made mostly from freckles (despite the sunscreen efforts... my face would be a leather bag if it weren't for the sunscreen...).

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Mar. 7th, 2012 08:26 am (UTC)
I'm surprised - this must be one of the few times a game is released here first! EB will let me pick up my pre-prder copy on Thursday at 8am (so about midnight on Wednesday your time). Although I'm not going to have a chance to pick it up until 4pm. I'm hoping if I show up then I'll miss most of the 9-5ers and just have to deal with cashed-up school children.

That said, I'll not have much time to play it until Friday night anyway.

I have two Femsheps - one looks similar to the old default, with a few tweaks, and the other is Indian-ish.