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This morning I left the house in traditional manga schoolchild style: with a piece of plain toast hanging out of my mouth that would become my rushed breakfast.

I was, however, careful not to run with said toast in mouth. Because everyone knows if you do that, then you'll tear around the corner and bump into some stranger, making your schoolbooks go everywhere. You'll hurriedly scoop everything up before bowing quickly - "Sorry!" - and rushing onwards.

Then you burst into class, just on time, to find a seat at the back before your eccentric and rather suspicious teacher (that or an oblivious and perpetually excitable teacher) begins the class.

Then, to your COMPLETE SURPRISE, a new kid enters the class and is introduced by the teacher. GASP! It's that person you bumped into before! And it turns out they're from the future/past/dimensionX and they're here to awaken your super powers/challenge you for the right to rule the universe/tease you recklessly even though they're secretly in love with you all along.

Then you'll discover your memories are all false and you're really the long-lost descendant of a noble/magical/alien people with abilities to change the world - and your whole school is going to be the stage for your utterly hilarious and heart warming coming of age story. You'll overcome horrific and challenging obstacles and face amazing odds, but in the end you'll succeed and finally achieve the ultimate spirit bomb/merging of two universes/saving your world from destruction.

...Excuse me, I have to go find some toast and sprinting shoes.


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Oct. 22nd, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
But of course .That is always happening to me...
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