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Boom, crash, Fiona

So today I finally saw a doctor about my lifelong chronic drowsiness and fatigue.

I'm a thorough patient. I brought print outs of all the exercise, food and dizzy spells I'd had in the last week, along with some rough outlines of when I slept and how well (I have kept records like this on and off for years trying to pin down what is wrong with me). I wrote out my entire medical history in dot-points, and checked up on family history.

I laid it all out and for once it seemed like it was all coming together. The doctor listed out all the things it could be, and said I could go get tested for all of them. Filled out the forms, and it was like a weight fell off my shoulders. Finally, something is happening! I can know for sure, if nothing else, what isn't causing this.

Had to fast tonight for the blood test tomorrow (I wanted to go in ASAP). Now I look down at my blood test forms... at an unfamiliar name. Fiona.

The only correct thing on the form was the doctor's name, and what tests are to be done. The patient details were all wrong. And I will probably need to wait till I can get another appointment so I can request a new form. Which will be at least a week. So suddenly I go from seeing an end to this - all the tests would take about a month - to feeling that weight come piling back on.

It's only a week's delay. Maybe a little more. But for some reason now I just feel DOOMED FOREVER. Perhaps more just because I thought finally here was a doctor able to help me and then it just seemed like she didn't really pay attention at all. Which isn't true, I'm sure, but I'm having a freak out moment here, everything is true when you are freaking out. Or everything is a lie. Sometimes you gotta mix it up.

I'm not dead!

But I have a cool hat!

...I don't have a cool hat. But I do have cool pants!

... I don't have cool pants! But I do have a cool running gag!

... I don't have a cool running gag.

I have been feeling like a glass half asleep, lately. All transparent and foggy and making little sense.

I do that sometimes.

Ever feel like you are the bass line and the world is a squeaky treble? That has been my mind lately. (I go all floppy about it over here).

I miss you, LJ. All your fanfic and squee and Russian spammers. Let's be friends again!

Unpleasant fairy floss

I hope we are all feeling extra-crunchy this afternoon!

Today, I walked around our entire house picking up cobwebs with a large stick. It was poked into roof cavities, eaves, corners of doors... I now have a gigantic ball of spider-floss. I am of mixed opinions about this.

...I have donated the spider-floss to the rubbish bin.

Great success.

Daddy Long Leg spiders really need to learn how to spin. Their webs are all over the place. Also redbacks, their webs are hideous. Orb Weavers, on the other hand always make beautiful webs. Beautiful... for me to DESTROY! AHAHAHAHAHHA.

This has been your spider-related bulletin for the day.

18 months after the fire

So, nearly a year and a half has passed since we lost so much in the Belmont Blaze of 2009.

In two weeks, it'll be my 27th birthday.

In four months, Kyoko, the cat who was trapped in the fire, will celebrate her third birthday as a healthy, loving, flighty feline.

In a year and a half, my partner will complete his bachelor's degree in Mathematics.

Time passes, wounds heal, lessons are learned. Losses paid, wins tallied.

I just wanted to thank all of you who were involved in assisting Karl and myself out during that terrible time last year. Whether it was emotional support, help cleaning up, donations of money or supplies - it all made a world of difference to us.

While we are still poor at this point in our lives, Karl a full-time student, me working full time for a not-for-profit organisation - I have been paying forward all of your kindnesses and generosity at every chance I get. The fire was a terrible experience, but one I have learned much from. I have learned how little in life I need. The most important things are the people and animals I care for, and doing good in the world.

Nothing else matters a jot. Not a thing. There are many things I love, like my dancing, like my books... but nothing takes a higher priority. I have never been poorer, but I am giving more time, money and emotional support to those in need than ever before. And every time I give, I feel a little bit richer. Cheesy, but true. I have never felt happier, or more confident, or more loving than I have this year. There has been stress and strife, but I have faced it stronger than I've ever been before. I would not be doing this well if it weren't for the lessons I have learned from you all, and from my family.

So thanks to all of you who helped out. You made a world of difference, and I am a better person for having experienced your kindness. I will continue your kindness a thousandfold throughout the rest of my life.

On a related note - today I heard about a girl who this morning found her 12 month old cat lying in their yard, one leg completely mauled off by some other creature. He will live, but the surgery and general vetinary care bills are high and this girl is a full time student, so she is trying to raise money to help cover the bills. I have given all I can - if you could spare even $5, it all helps. They're 66% of the way to their target right now, less than a day after the accident. I hope that by tomorrow morning, they'll have met it. Please help if you can.

Wishing all of you the very best... of both life and of pants.

I'm noticing a pattern here

When I get out of bed before 7am, my day is almost guaranteed to be extra-awesome.

If I get up before 8am, I am likely to have a good day.

If I get up after 9am, my day is likely to be average at best.

After 10am? Might as well go back to bed, it won't get any better.

Experiment possible due to me having a week off work at the moment.

It may have taken 20+ years, but I think I'm finally starting to develop some kind of stable biorhythm...

Why hello there

Guide to buying clutterless, meaningful presents this Christmas - for those who celebrate Christmas, or those looking for good thank you presents... I have made a list of some charities that allow you to give a gift to a community as well as an individual. Support the rehabillitation of an injured native animal or an endangered species, or provide water for those in need.

Still not finding the time for LiveJournal these days. Miss the community but I just have so little time. I hope you are all doing well.

I am trying to reconcile how to live a meaningful life and how to keep the rent paid. Worn out. Getting lots done, but I wish I could afford to take a month off to travel, even just interstate.

Fantsising about opening my own cafe/hangout/batcave/village. Drinking green smoothies. Taking lots of photos. Preparing for my next dance performance. Questioning reality. Walking the dog. Re-playing the Ace Attorney series. Staring out the windows of buses.

That is how things are with me.
For those international, even interstate readers, you might not know much about the fair city that I hail from.

Did you know that Perth is the largest city in the world? Did you know that our Revolting Correctional Facillity harbours some of the most wanted criminals alive? Did you know about the giant squid named Bertie that lives in our city-side river esturary?

Then learn all there is to know about my beloved city with the following short video.

One of those days

It's days like these when you realise that there's just no helping it, the only solution is to eat porridge in the bath.


Hello Sydney, how are you?

I have been chosen to represent Australia as part of a team of six, in a competition to develop a complete website for a not-for-profit organisation in 24 hours (from 11am Tuesday 12th of May to 11am Wednesday 13th of May). INTENSE.

The competition organisers will be flying me to Sydney from Perth (view on map - that's ~3291km / 2045 miles!). I also have my food and accommodation covered for the two days of the competition.

I don't know if I will be able to get the time off to stay in Sydney longer, so that I can catch up with other people post-convention, but I'll try. It seems like a good opportunity to do so, if time and money will allow.




(My only concern is that I'm actually the designated manager of the team, but I think everyone on the team is older than me! Which could potentially be awkward. Will try to handle everyone as respectfully as I can.)
View the cut below for SILLYNESS


Maybe you had to be there. WHY WEREN'T YOU THERE?!


Karl has brought me an ICE-CREAM.

I use DEVOUR attack.


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